2021 Quine Rd Hill Climb

2021 Quine Rd Hill Climb1 Apr 2021

Course length approx 1.1km.Flattish start into moderate uphill, tight corners, very little straight. Well suited to classics, post classics, motards and ‘clubman’ riders. Clubman is for Road legal and registered bikes.
Pre-entrys only, no entrys on day. MNZ licence required. Day Licences available.
Entry fee $90 per rider. (You can ride more than one bike, but still only get same number of runs)
Compulsory pre practice track walk for ALL riders after briefing.
Classes for Open Race (unregistered, tyre warmers etc) Open Road Legal (Genuine road bikes, road tyres, no tyre warmers). Clubman (For a bit of fun on whatever you have), Motard, Post Classic, Classic, and Liteweight (under 300’s).
No prize money, trophies for fastest time of day.
Entries close Sunday 2nd May.
Each rider will get a minimum 1 familiarisation/practice run and 4-8 timed runs if time permits.
Bikes and riders gear as per MNZ rules. Permit No. 18261
Sign on 8.30 Briefing 9.00, Compulsory track walk 9.30 1st run (practice) 10.30.
Quine Rd will be signposted off Morrinsville to Tahuna Rd. (Tahuna accessed off SH27)
Enquiries to Steve Parker 022 096 4067.