Centenary News

Centenary Update Sept

Bloody Covid-19!

Looks like it will be our 101st...

So we have re-scheduled for Easter 2021 in the hopes that this has all settled down a bit by then.

Reunion Dinner
Most of the bookings have been made for the Reunion Dinner on April 3rd, Easter Saturday, it is still going to be one great event!
We have booked a couple of mini-vans to help people get to and from the venue. You will need to pre-book this, so our drivers can still enjoy the event. We will have a couple of pick up points around Hamilton, you can taxi or Uber to those points if necessary. We wont charge for our rides.
You will be able to BYO alcohol to this venue, but the club will also put on a couple of Kegs to get you started.

The Motorcycle Show at the Classics Museum will open on the 27th March, and run through to 11th April.
We have been offered a good number of bikes already, and may even have to cull some in the more popular eras. But Bruce is still interested to hear of any others particularly with direct connection to Club events.
We also want to display period riding gear, and any club memorabilia from over the years. If you have, or know of some, get in touch so we can arrange for it to be displayed. This is the chance to give those special items a wider audience.

We will need a roster of people to man the door at the Classics Museum during the Show, particularly on weekdays. 9am to 3pm I believe.

Swap Meet in conjunction with the Waikato Classic Club will be held on Sunday 28th March.

The Waikato Art Museum in Grantham Street, is going to put on an exhibition featuring the valuable collection of artworks funded by contributions from the club via the Founders Theatre Road races in the 1970's, and feature some bikes and memorabilia from the races themselves.

The Centenary Book
The book is finished!
A massive 322 pages, great value at $50.

The book is based pretty loosely on a scrapbook format. As much of the club history is before the memories of living members, we have reproduced period reports of various older events. These are actually pretty cool, puts you right in the picture of what it was like back then.
Then lot's of first-hand info on all sorts of events since the 1950's, right up to present.

The SHOP tab is where you go to book Dinner Tickets, purchase the Centenary Books, and a fabulous choice of T-shirts.

Tickets for the dinner may become scarce, so it pays to get your name down early!

Contact Steve 022 0964067 or email [email protected]