Last trial before lock down

McKenzie's property, east of Huntly was the venue for the final Air Cooled series trial on October 3rd this year.

A great turnout of 25 riders as the last fling before the championship turned in to the last trial before the onset of the plague. However, it is a brilliant property, with banks littered with grippy rocks and very little mud. 10 sections marked out by a team of three created for a good variety of challenges for the air cooled and twin shock brigade plus the usual swag of mono’s out for a bit of practice.

With 11 air-cooled machines and 14 modern's, the sections were evenly spread with rocks and hill climbs to the next rock in most sections. The predicted rain did not eventuate which was a relief as many of the grassy hill climbs would have become very slippery and knackering (Technical term for fatigue) to those on the heavier air-cooled bikes.

It was a great day out, and the only disappointment being the Auckland riders were stuck in limbo above Mercer. I predict the first event we are allowed to run at level 2 for everyone will be massive as so many are “champing at the bit”(non technical term from horse trials) to get out and ride.

The cancelling of the 2021 BOYD Motorcycles New Zealand Trials Championship was a bitter disappointment for all. With 70 competitors registered at the final count and all the Covid-19 compliance covered, it was looking to be a great event.

Looking forward we intent to start including Mini’s (Electric and 50cc) trials bikes in our air cooled- events to encourage youngsters to start competing. With the clubs own Oset electric for kids to try we will be offering safe first riding experiences for 4 to 10 year olds.