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Welcome to Hamilton Motorcycle Club. We are one of the longest established motorcycle clubs in New Zealand , incorporated in 1920. Our aims and objectives are to promote motorcycling for the good of motorcycling.

We organise a wide variety of on-road and off-road competition, recreational and social events including Road Rides, Rider Training, Track Days, Trials, Fifty Frenzies, on and off road camping weekends, and whatever else members want to do.

Our monthly newsletter is one of the best around.

Our Monthly Thursday Club Nights usually feature bike displays, and short rides during daylight saving.

Future Events

Club Centennary Easter 2020

Celebrating 100 years of Hamilton MCC.
Easter weekend 2020
Register your interest now email [email protected] or 022 096 4067


Club Night 5th September

Road Ride Piopio 22nd Sept

BBM Trial 8th Sept
Round 7/8 North Island Trials 28/29th

Kawasaki Series 2019!
R3 8 Sept Taupo

Kawasaki Road Race Series race videos!

Live timing and Video
Click this for Live Video & Timimg

Round 1,2 and 3 Video
Click this for Live Video

Want to join our club?
Click on link: Membership Form

Kawasaki Series 2019

Online entry at

Click this for Online Entry

Results/Points table from Round 1

Quine Rd Hill Climb 2019

Quine Rd 2019 Results

Final Kawasaki Series Results

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Putoline Oils
LS2 Helmets
Whyteline Motorcycles
Honda Hamilton
Boyd Motorcycles
N V Motorcycles
Van Der Meer Builders

Kawasaki Series 2018 Results

Road Race Winter Series

May 13th Taupo (2.2km Track 2)
August 19th Hampton Downs (National Circuit)
September 22nd Taupo (2.2km Track 2)
Another great new development , we are starting a brand new class!
We have set up a set of rules for what will be known as the LAMS Class.
Thanks to Shayne Lawrey and Jay Lawrence for the idea and drafting the new rules, which will be posted on our website in a couple of days.
The gist of it, is a class for any LAMS approved bike, with no room for expensive modifications. You will only be allowed to update tires (road legal of course), levers, brake pads etc, and have to keep the motor in stock LAMS specification. This will be a great starter class, with a relatively low machinery and running cost. Things like tyre warmers and power commanders will be out of the question.
As all the LAMS bikes have a power to weight limit, there will be a wide variety of models that should all provide similar performance on track. Many of the models are available quite cheaply as insurance write offs, with only cosmetic damage, another way to get into the class on a low budget.
As per last year, we will run six classes, with 3 races each, time permitting.
Post Classic/Classic

Rules for new C Van der Meer Builders LAMS Class

Click here

Quine Road Hill Climb 2018

Putoline Series Overall Points

Prizegiving to be held at Clubrooms on December club night

Putoline Series

New Improved series!
Transponder Timing!
CTAS Live Video!
Competitors can watch the recordings after each race day.

Access to all events and on demand videos for the post race recordings. Main page

HMCC Event page

Quine Rd Hill Climb 2017 Results

New Course Records to
Nick Kampenhout - Motards
David Lewis - Post Classic

2016 Putoline Winter Series Final Results

Final Results

Winter Series 2016

Entry form
link below.

There is NO TEST DAY on Saturday 8th October Entry Form Click This

Quine Road Hill Climb 2016

Due to the Council resealing programme, we will not be running our Hill Climb next April.
Look out for it April 2017 though, on the new surface, should be awesome!

Shoei Winter Series 2015 Results R1,2 & 3

Full results including all lap times available at Marktime's website
see link below
Sorry you will have to copy and paste this link until I remember how to make it live!

Quine Road 2015 Results

Quine Rd Hill Climb 2015

2015 Poster PDF

Life Member Gary Wendt

Gary passed away in a road traffic accident (as passenger in a car) on 2nd January.
His funeral was held at the Newstead Cemetery Chapel, on Thursday 8th.
We returned to the Club rooms afterwards, fantastic do, all catered by Club Members, current and past. Grateful thanks to all those that contributed, we did very well, Gary would have been pleased!
Here are a couple of videos taken on the day
Ride to Newstead
Click this for Video

Ride to Graveside
Click this for Video

Round 3 Video

Round 3 Video
Click this for Video

2014 Arai Winter Series Results

Winter Road Race Series:

May 25th Results
Click this for May 25th Results

July 13th Results
Click this for July 13th Results

Round 3 24 August

Click this for Aug 24th Results

Arai Winter Series 2014 Final Table

Results Quine Road Hill Climb 13 April 2014

For photos
check Facebook
'Doug Cornes Photography'


Was be held at the Club rooms, Seddon Road, Hamilton, on Saturday August 24th.


Final Results PDF download


Another great day was had.
Thanks to all the volunteers, we couldn't do it without you.
Thanks to the riders for putting on the show.

Clmintiepix's photos

Click this for Clmintie Pix Pics

Lots of photos on facebook too from Doug Cornes, Craig Dawson, JDAS and others

Results from Marktime;

Click this for Mark Times Results


Well that went off well!!
Thanks to all the helpers, and all the participants, what a great day.
Fantastic photos are available from Clmintiepix's photos

Click this for Clmintie Pix Pics

Lots of photos on facebook too from Doug Cornes, JDAS, and others

Results from Marktime

Click this for Mark Times Results

Results and Photos from the 2013 Quine Rd Hill Climb

Photos of the 2013 event here:

Steve Parker's photos
Click this for Steves Pics

Jay Lawrence's On Board View
Click this for Jay's video

Quine Road 2013

2012 Quine Rd Sealed Hill Climb April 15

Photos of the 2012 event here:

Steve Parker's photos
Click this for Steves Pics

Video of the 2012 event here:

Click this for Greg's Video

Quine Rd 2012 Results

Results sorted by overall time.
Classes are as arbitrarily decided by me. I am sure someone may have a different interpretion, eh Shayne?
If Nick was using tire warmers on the Nuda he will move to Open class.

Frenzy 2011/2 Series

This season's series is now over, a bit truncated with the weather trashing the first round, never mind! Final points above

Steve Parker's photos
Click this for Steves Pics

Far North Road Riders Weekend 2012

Feb 24-26
Great weekend had by all!

Steve Parker's photos
Click this for Steves Pics

Road Rider Training Days 2012/13

We have no firm dates planned yet for another of Training Days.

Will post news as soon as we put something together.

Thanks to all our helpers and participants that have made the event such a success.

Waikato Region Rider Training Day Nov 19th 2011

Thanks to all those who came and took part, and to all the valuable volunteers that help put it all together.

Thanks also to all the sponsoring Councils, and to Pirelli for the tyre draw.

Photos are now available at Terry Stevensons website, check out the photo albums, and instructions under the payment section, for free copies of your photos. click on this link;

Steve Parker's photos
Steves Pics

NZ Champs 2011 Moto Trials Photos

Sunday photos here:

Steve Parker's photos
Steves Pics

Frenzy Results 2010/11 Season

Check out our photogallery section for more photos Click here for full results.

Quine Road 2011

Quine Rd Sealed Road Hill Climb
Tahuna (near Morrinsville)

Sunday April 10th

****See photogallery section for lots of photos*****
Click Here to Download Results

Quine Rd 2010 Results

Rider Class Bike No. ET
Steve Bridge Race Bike Ducati Fusion 1000 00:00:37.62
Nick Kampenhout Motard Husky 00:00:38.81
Greg Boyd Motard KTM 450 SMR 00:00:39.56
Carl Richmond Road Registered Honda CBR1000RR 00:00:39.79
Kendrick Younger Motard Suzuki RMZ450 00:00:39.92
Paul Dobbs Road Registered Yamaha SRX 600 00:00:40.14
Colin ‘Razz’ Burgess Motard Husky 510 00:00:40.95
Steve Bridge Motard Husky 510 00:00:41.24
Lyndon Perry Race Bike Suzuki RMZ450 Special 00:00:41.25
Greg Mather Road Registered Yamaha R6 00:00:43.16
Mark Hatton Motard Husqvarna 410 00:00:43.40
Matthew Foot Road Registered Honda NSR250 00:00:44.39
Paul Dobbs Classic BSA Gold Star 00:00:44.79
Malcolm Pearce Road Registered Triumph New Bonnie 00:00:45.44
Gary Wendt Road Registered Suzuki Bandit 1200 00:00:46.19
Leelind Bennett Race Bike Yamaha FZ400 00:00:47.75
Steve Smith Road Registered Honda Transalp 00:00:48.32
Barry McNair Road Registered BMW F650 00:00:57.25

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General Meetings (Open to all members and visitors) first Thursday of every month starting at 7:30pm at the clubrooms, Seddon Road Hamilton.
Mailing address : P.O. Box 416, Hamilton       Phone number is 022 380 5122
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